Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Climb

The Climb
>>Broga Hill<<
Broga Hill

Last Thursday 28/1/2010 early in the morning,my course mates and I,all from
Jabatan TK(Computer Science) went for a hike at Broga Hill,Semenyih at 4a.m.!!!
How to go Broga hill?See the map below:
Map to Broga Hill Semenyih

When we arrived there,I actually took a look at the surroundings
and this is what I've got!
Rabbit Farm

Yea that's a rabbit farm,and I saw the advertisement:"Rabbit Satay" ==|||
Oil Palm Plantation at The Entrance

The oil palm plantation was the route that we must pass by.
These 2 fellows slept together at the night. >.<

Night View from the Top

The Sky was a bit brighter


Love this >.<

The "Egg Yolk" was coming out

They woke up in the morning

Clement,make sure you didn't do anything to Aoran har.
Like this like this~~
The scenery there was amazingly beautiful~

The mountain

When the sun shined the path became a "Golden Path"

Way back to home

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preparation for Imagine Cup
Ladies and gentlemen,
with the cooperation of UKM and Microsoft,
a briefing for the preparation of Imagine Cup and a short course on .NET will be held
on this Saturday(16/1/2010).
For those who are lazy to check their emails,^^
The time table is as below:

Tarikh: 16 Jan 2010 (Sabtu)
Tempat: Bilik Kuliah 2, FTSM
9.00pg - Pendaftaran peserta
9.30pg - Bengkel Imagine Cup oleh wakil Microsoft
10.30pg - Minum pagi
11.00pg - Perkongsian pengalaman Imagine Cup oleh bekas pelajar UKM
11.30pg - Bengkel "Innovation & Value Proposition"
1.00 t/h - Makan t/hari
2.00 ptg - Klinik perbincangan usulan projek dengan pihak Microsoft
4.00 ptg - Minum petang dan bersurai

For .NET,the time table is as below:

Tarikh: 17 Jan 2010 (Ahad)
Tempat: Makmal 4 dan Makmal 5 (FTSM)
Masa: 9.00 pg - 5 ptg
Agenda: Kursus pengenalan kepada .NET
Peserta digalakkan untuk install Visual Studio Team System dari web site MSDNAA.
Minum pagi, makan tengahari dan minum petang juga disediakan.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Churches were under attack!

This is totally unbelieveable!
Last night as usual,I clicked the Malaysiakini icon at the top of my browser,
I was shocked by a news..
Churches were under attack.
I knew about the "Allah" protest.
But I didn't put a lot of attension on it at that time.
After the announcement of Federal Court whr non-Muslims are allowed to use the word "Allah".
Those extremists started to commit protests to threat non-Muslims.
The judgement of Federal Court indicated that the use of the word "Allah",
was actually legal from the perspective of constitution.
Means non-Muslims have the right to use the word.
How could they tell other ppl that "Only we Muslims can use the word".
Actually,aft the incident,my 1st impression is,
why were they so care about the word Allah??
The word Allah actually exists in many religions including Bible.

The worst thing is,
our excellent Prime Minister,tackled the Allah issue with 2 standards.
When people were protesting about the death of Teo Beng Hock,
they were caught immediately.
When it comes to the Allah issue,
when those Muslim extreamists claimed that they were going to protest at National Mosque,
our lovely Prime Minister said that if they wanted to protest at National Mosque,he got no right to stop them.
What kind of bull shit this is.
It was so obvious..
Government have been trying to gain support through sensitive issues..
Last night,tragedies happened,because of their personal aims..

I believe that aft these kind of issues,
Malaysian are taught a precious lesson,
I believe that they will be able to choose teir government wisely in the future.
So,I am looking forward to the next election,and see what's gonna happen.^^

The glass was damage by petrol bomb

The ground floor was totally damaged

Crime scene investigation

P.S:A click on the title of this post will link you to the page of news at Malaysiakini. =)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stupid Graphic Programming Course

This is the picture I drew by using Java programming

This course is called Graphic Programming.
Actually I don't know wat is the purpose of
teaching this course since there are many softwares in the market which we can use to
draw graphics easily.
This picture took me the whole afternoon and this is wat I've got! ^^
It almost drive me crazy! ==|||
By the way,I am glad that I can finish it on time because there is a Graphic Programming lab tomorrow..