Saturday, September 19, 2009

1 Malaysia,Many of Us!

There's only 1 Malaysia,but there are many of us!
Hmm..recently,I have a though,
about wat is the purpose of living in this world.
Hmm,a fren of me told me that,after form5 she have not been studying until now.
She has been working for a few years,while I am studying in University.
That day I chat with her in msn,she told me that she wanted to find a new job.
Then I ask her y she wan to quit her job??
She told me that she was boring with her job and wanted to find a freshness in her new job, my mind,I was thinking that"wat is the purpose that made her to work for everyday??"
Mayb u'll tell me in this cruel society everyone has to work in order to survive.
That's true..but that's is not a meaningful life..
I have been having an idea to go overseas after I graduate from UKM..
Malaysia..while our "BELOVED" PM Najib shouted for 1 Malaysia,
What's in my mind are disappointments...
After 50 over years of freedom,Malaysia still following other Countries' Butt,
and always Shout "Malaysia Boleh!"
u memang boleh la,apa-apa pun boleh..untill a member of DAP was killed under investigation of
Parti Pencegah Rasuah.
In order to grab political power,politiciants can sacrifice anything including human's lifes.
What if u acquired everything?but u may leave this world anytime without bringing anything..
That's y,after graduate I will sure leave Malaysia,and go overseas..
looking for another environment,nature...
looking for a new PURPOSE of living in this world,before going to HEAVEN.
Life's many senses,but to me,we have the choice to choose,
whether u wan to be happy or not..
How's ur life depends on how u ealuate it,
although there are many difficulties in living,
but I know that there are still many enjoyable things in ur life,
so y dont u enjoy ur life? ~.<
Well,I found that I am reli not used to express my self in English..haha >.<

PS:After reading my post,do u get my idea??do u understand what i am trying to tell u??